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The American Kennel Club was founded in 1884. Their goal, as an organization, was to promote the purebred.  Today, they continue to pursue research and study into purebred lines with continued care for the integrity and maintenance of the breeds. Bulldog Bliss in Fort Smith, AR is a part of this mission, producing purebred English and French Bulldogs. We are registered with the AKC. You can rest assured that our breeding process follows the AKC mission. We take great pride in offering AKC dogs for sale in Fort Smith, AR.

When we started Bulldog Bliss, we have never been happier. According to Webster’s dictionary, bliss means great joy, happiness, pleasure, and delight. We could not define our business with anything less than blissful. English and French Bulldogs are charming, sweet, and full of adventure. They give us great joy. We seek to connect you with a friend for life. We have puppies available that are AKC registered.

When you have an AKC registered English or French Bulldog, not only will you have a wonderful dog, you can consider exhibiting and showing. Exhibiting and showing is fun for the whole family. You will work closely with your dog during this preparation process. Training for a show creates a unique bond with your dog. You will also meet other owners and breeders. You’ll find a network of people with the same passion for English and French Bulldogs.

As you consider you next puppy, visit us at Bulldog Bliss. We can’t speak enough to how wonderful these dogs are as pets and lifelong friends. With AKC registry, you have the assurance of a breeding standards. Our English and French Bulldogs are AKC registered. We believe in the purebred and seek to maintain the highest of standards for our puppies. Our studs are AKC registered with great lineage. 

You’ll fall in love with our AKC puppies for sale. Charming, sweet, and loyal, these dogs give you years of joy. You’ll find your own bliss with these fine furry friends.

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