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Add some joy to your household. Add one of our puppies to your home. We raise and breed English and French Bulldogs. This breed of dog is loveable, adaptable, and family friendly. We also recognize how important it is be able to share our bloodline with yours. We offer stud services. Our dogs are AKC quality.

English Bulldogs are known for their kind disposition. They are not aggressive dogs. Their short, thick stature and wrinkles are their trademark look. The English Bulldog breed originated in the British Isles. They have strong jaws and sturdy limbs. Known for its temperate nature, the English Bulldog is easy going and very intelligent. We recommend you begin training your English Bulldog at an early age. They bond quickly to their owners.

French Bulldogs are expressive dogs with an insatiable curiosity. You’ll love their alert nature and sweet disposition. This breed was recognized by the AKC in 1895. French Bulldogs will be of small build with a smooth coat. You’ll notice how French Bulldogs like to go for walks. They aren’t known for being extremely active so plan on time with them in the park.

Our stud services are important to us. We believe in this breed of dog and love to see it carried forward to your line. You’ll find our stud fees are reasonable and affordable. Each of our studs are acknowledged by the AKC. The puppies they produce are sweet, loving, and quick to get into your heart. You won’t be disappointed when you breed with our studs.

Bulldog Bliss in Fort Smith, AR has the right dog for you. Come by and pick up the love of your life. 

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